Saturday, January 28, 2012

Playing with food

Baker friend Earnest and I have been talking about collaborating for some time now, and yesterday we finally have. I was only able to make three gumpaste toppers because of time constraints.

Veda requested for a chibi totoro:
chibi totoro cupcake by Jovan and Earnest

Something for valentines?
heart cupcake by Jovan and Earnest
And because we both love Carcassonne:
Carcassonne cupcake with meeple by Jovan and Earnest[Next time I'll get the colors right on this one. And maybe include other Carcassonne expansions. Hahaha. We both had to leave for meetings and I was pressed for time.]

These gumpaste toppers are 100% edible. And the chocolate cupcakes are yummy!

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