Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing with Nutella

A few days ago, Gutsy shared a link on how to make Nutella mug cake. I wanted to try it but I didn't have flour in stock, so instead I experimented on a few things. I made a mess in the kitchen and took crappy photos with my phone, so please don't expect them to look pretty.

Nutella milk

Since I was staying home today, I decided to experiment with fresh milk first. I schlopped three heaping tablespoons of Nutella in a mug [you can use a glass, it doesn't matter-- I just like my mug is all], poured the fresh milk in, and stuck it in the microwave on defrost for a few seconds so the spread won't congeal.

The verdict:
It's really good. I would have had more than two mugs if I wasn't so lactose intolerant. Heh heh. Also, I imagine this would be great if I had a blender, and some ice and fresh fruit to throw into the mix.

Nutella fridge cake

A few weeks ago, I bought two small cartons of all-purpose cream for no specific reason. I figgered now is the time to put 'em to good use.

I opened a small carton, mixed in spoonfuls of Nutella [how much you put in there really depends on you], and a tablespoonful of condensed milk. In a plastic tub, I slathered the nutella and cream mixture in between alternating layers of graham and plain crackers. I think I stopped at 6 layers [you can keep on going until you get the desired height]. Then I stuck the tub in the freezer for the whole thing to set. After a couple of hours, I moved it down to the chiller.

The verdict:
After three hours, I took the tub out of the fridge and dug in. It's THA BOMB. Hahah. It's cheap and easy to make, and it's really yummy. I think I made a good call on alternating plain and graham crackers.

I realize I could have waited longer for the thing to set, but it tasted great anyway, so no real complaints there. [I've already finished a third of this tub hahaha.]

Nutella popsies

I got this idea from Miao who posted an image of DIY Nutella popsicles. I just used the same proportions [it's actually just a thicker version of my Nutella milk drink], but in lesser quantities. I don't have a popsicle mold, so instead I used my cute ice trays. It's taking longer than 3 hours for it to set though, and it's testing the limits of my patience. Hahah.

The verdict
Hey, it's Nutella, so I will again state the obvious: this is an awesome idea. However, the moment I took out the tray from the freezer, the popsies started to melt [it's warmer than usual tonight]. The milk settled at the bottom so they kinda look pale, but underneath it's rich and chocolatey. The popsies taste great despite the way they look, but I think it's not worth the wait. I should mention though that I'm a sucker for instant gratification. My EQ is too low for this shiz. Hahah.

This whole experiment is not a total failure though. Not sure if I'll try the popsies again [maybe when I'm not too impatient?], but definitely I'll be making another tub of fridge cake when I'm not too busy.

[If you guys have other Nutella ideas to share, please lemme know. Hee.] ^_^

* Special thanks to Jon SideƱo, my junk food pimp.

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