Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Around 12:05 a.m. Feburary 4, right after GeekFight at Quantum Café, someone stole my bag containing all my tech, my wallet, and my personal effects. I only left it at our table where all my friends were, and no more than three minutes later, my black messenger bag was gone.

The following items [among a host of other things] are stolen from me. Just in case you come across these items, please let me know through this blog post.

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000
IMEI # 357453040563041

Panasonic Lumix ZS7
Serial # 885170004139

Western Digital 1TB external drive USB 3.0 [red]
Serial # WX61E41FE759

Nokia 2730
IMEI # 354870040152785

myPhone B26 Duo
Serial # Y4450946006650
IMEI 356825030366504


I don't want to get into the harrowing details of what exactly happened, or how I felt that day, or how that experience has left me broken and paranoid. Remembering how much was taken from me depresses me [I'm really referring to the photos and videos from August 2011 to Feb 2012]. I am now focused on getting my life back on track.

I'm currently trying to write all the necessary documents to have all my stolen identification cards replaced, and to have the phones and tablet blocked from future use.

To do the latter, I need to either (1) go to the NTC with the tech boxes, proof of ownership, and valid IDs; or (2) go to their website, download and fill up the form, and fax/email the notarized document/s. While these may all sound tedious, it is necessary procedure. What annoys me though is that the National Telecommunications Commission website is giving me an Error 404. [How am I supposed to download the forms, eh?]

I e-mailed their permanent support staff [for the curious: it's] to request for the form. I also called their landline [02-9267722 / 02-9213251, Mondays to Fridays only] to follow up the request. I received the affidavit form, but to my further annoyance, it's an uneditable, non-copy-paste-able [did I just invent a new adjective?] pdf. [Also, it had typos. LOL]

I'm feeling pretty helpful today, so I re-typed the form in doc format so the rest of you can download it here in case you need it [well, I hope you won't need it at all, but hey]: NTC - Affidavit of Ownership and Loss with Undertaking

Once you download this form, fill it up, have it notarized, and send via fax or e-mail to along with supporting documents. Once they receive these documents, NTC will process blocking your phones permanently.

It's a lot of work, but I would rather go through all of this than let thieves go on their merry way. It's not fair to people who try to work an honest living.


Oh, I should add-- in case you lose your Globe prepaid SIM, the network provider will replace your SIM with the same number for free [unless you opt for a higher capacity SIM, in which case they may charge you a minimal fee of P50]. They can verify your information using your system-logged service requests. There may be some limitations though. I got my prepaid number back, along with my other two postpaid numbers.


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